House Rules

January 31, 2012 10:36

1. Ok so heres the deal there are going to be no stores that sell magic items, there for you will not have the ability to buy or have magic items created, later in the campain there will be ways to aquire specific magic items. 2. There will only be base races you will start with a 16/14/14/12/12/10 starter. We will be making characters during the first session. There are 5 spots open for this campain, so fill the spots out quickly.
3. The campain will take place in a steam punk era; because of this you will have access to different types of steam punk weaponry and items but only if the idea is presented to the DM well before the session with drawn out legistics and a resonable cost for creation.

4. There will be no sorceres as PC’s only as NPC, those that choose to play as wizard will have to purchase there spells in there spell book according to the rules and keep a seperate spell book along with cost of each spell writen. A wizard would be more useful if they where a utility mage with only a few evocation spells. Glibness will not be aloud in the campain.

5. This campain will be a more serious and dark campain much like WOD it will require more thinking and puzzles vs combat.

6. Flavor will be greatly rewarded in this campain; bonuses will be given to the following
a. A well thought out back story which give the DM channels to run the campain via side quests.
b. Personal ties that will keep you wanting to keep your character alive such as family friends, or later on an established place of either residence or encome.
c. Pictures drawn of your character, items, weapons, or of the city you are residing in as you see it.
d. Staying in character all night; garb and accents will not go unnoticed.
e. Those that do not side track or delay the game will be rewarded.
f. Handling a situation in an unexpected clever way will be rewarded.

Rewards for such things will be graded on a point system
1- That did not just happen – will be rerolling one natural one or failed roll on a major roll; such as a a gather information check which failure could post pone the game or a miss attack which during the next round could put your life in jepordy.
2- Awe come on will be rolling 2 natural ones or failed roll on a minor event; such as I wished to slap some guy but missed my attack roll or I wanted to jump from the top of this building to that but I missed. 3 – Luck SOB an instant sucess on one roll of your choosing. 4 – Unexpected Aid – we all get into trouble some times and need someone to back us up unexpectantly instead of the Dm saving your ass and you getting upset about it you will get to deside who and when will come to your aid when needed. 5- Prescise Planner – When it comes to being suck at a door and having no lock pick or needing a rope you might have left back, this will alow you to have exactly what you need as long as it is a mundane item. 6- Secret Addmirer – using this will alow you to gain an magic potion or other gift upon Dm’s approval form a secret addmirer. 7- Visa Card – Like visa you will be able to get anywhere you need to be; say your friend is being guned down in an ally way and you are on the opposite side of town, crack and splam you never know when a wizard is watching. 8. I know this – will get you unstuck in one situation – say a puzzles 2 hard; or your not sure what to do; this will instantly give you the answer to your problems or at least the next best way show you the right direction. 9- Because Im that awesome- Once you may disappear in a crowd, get someone to go along with your plan, or another feet of shear awesomeness ( per Dm’s discreponcy).
Say you need to sneak out of a bar with out being seen no one will see you, say you need to see a king but he is to busy you convince his steward he’s actually not, or some say you need to jump from one bullet train to the next… well, your just that awesome.
10- The treasure chest – a unique item the Dm will creat to be helpful for you; or 1,200 gold.
7 -The Dm has final say if you do not like the decree given you are more then welcome to leave, I will not bend to whimsical outbursts of silliness, I hold the right to end a session based on player behavor, if you upsetting multiple people around you they are not having fun. There are consiquenses for you PC’s actions, your PC’s are not Gods, they are every day normal people trying to make a living.

February 27, 2012 21:09

Wait don’t just pfffssshhhh; being as this is a puzzle based campain these will actually be very important especially with magic being a limited resorce. There are a couple of personas that you would like to fill if you wish to get ahead in this game a little bit.
1. A doctor –someone who can medically cure desieses; fuck my poor spell ok; lolz. A couple of skills that would be of use
Heal – does more then just aid someone in battle and keep them from dying with a successful heal check you could know, what desiease someone has, you could know of a non magical cure for it, this would be usefull in mass epidemic; you could know if someone has a blood desorder, you would be able to alter the appearance of a person on a physical level, plastic surgery as it were, you would be able to test for variouse levels of toxication and poisens in the blood, you would be able to tell how and when a person actually died.
Alchemy – using herbs to cure desiese and other afflictions, how to craft specific poisens; creating various residues and chemically treating things such as water supplies, soil, and even the air if the check where high enough.
Craft Moderate iteam – this skill would be useful for making surenges and blood transfusion meachines, specialty weapons used for killing various types of creatures, harvesting organs, and making surgical tools that go above and beyond the normal +whatever.

2. An investigator – someone who can not only find information but someone who can investigate and solve crime sceans, scenero’s, profices, and read people.
Gather info – the basics still apply but don’t think that its just going from tavern wench to tavern wench, gather infomation means you know exactly who to go to, you know what books to read, you know which churches have the oldest texts.
Perception – with perception you can see the foot marks made either by dust or scuff, but you can also see a person for there strengths and weaknesses, someone people may enjoy hearing the sound of there voice. Somepeople may do anything for a drug or a piece of good cheese.
Sense Motive – you know to know when you are being lied to but more importantly why you are being lied to, with sense motive you will know what the NPC’s motivation for lying is.

3. A scientist (mad if you prefur) – A scientist knows a great many things threw out history to royalty; knowleges of every kind are power. The power to figure out how things work, why they are the way they are, and the power to solve problems by knowing what you are going up against.
Engineering – because really who doesn’t love a good builder and you never know what you may need build.
Craft Major item – you never know…

4. A tracker – someone who is good at finding there way threw every sort of terrain with out loosing the person they are looking for. A person who can tell you the best way to use nets and set traps; handle animals, and sometimes animal like people (diplomacy).

5. The trickster – your basic roge, who can discise himself; pick pockets; disable devices; and bluff, oh the bluffage.

6. the enforcer – when all else fails, someone needs to keep order; or something close to that, and can act as a bouncer, a body guard, a insentive for talking, or the guy who judges whether or not that was funny.

The Treasure Hunting Campain

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