Sigil Times Cippings

Decemeber 5th
Passing of Tivana
Tivana age 121 promised to young Barick Thorm has passed on from murder. The young elvin girl will be sorely missed.

December 10th
Sun Spear Issues Public Announcement For Public Safety
Sergent Garins issues a public safety announcement for young elvin girls residing in the hive to remain weary; there is a killer who has been murdering them in a grousom manner. Sergent Garins has confirmed one death of a girl named Florana, age 97.

December 15th
Gelders Security Issues Death Statement
The Gelders Security Issued its month death statement for the hive: all 5 of the wickershom brothers, Territ Tommarks, 16 unnamed children, 14 unclaimed girls around 10 to 15 years old, 25 unclaimed men in their early 20, Orcnagar the Orc, 14 orcs unnamed, 6 elven girls unnamed, 2 assamers, 10 tieflings, 4 gnombs, 1 troll, Khozogon the Terrible. Gelders would also like to state that if you are at any time missing someone to check there morgs. Gelders also would like to state that several of the persons here are sorely disfigured by what they can determin as bite marks on there bodies.

Decemeber 20th
Odd death Occures in the hive
Another odd death occurred in the hive, a young elvin girl who’s name hasn’t been released, matched 2 deaths prior noted. The Sun Spear Company has issued a reward for 50 gold for any one who can lead to the capture of the culprit, and 10 gold for any information that leads to an arrest.

December 25th
Sun Spear Company Names Serial Killer
The Sun Spear company named the serial killer which has struck 3 other times as the tooth fairy. This time it was Deseri Darvins, an elvin girl who worked for a pub in the hive. Sergent Garins first took notice of the case about two weeks ago and issued a public notice.

Decemeber 30th
Suspected Tooth Fairy Death
Amy Wardings of the lower district found dead in an ally, with bite marks on her body. Human which the Gelders company says doesn’t follow the tooth fairy but the Sun Spear Company disagrees, currently there is a custody battle over her body taking place.

January 3rd
Suspected Tooth Fairy Death
Young Vixi found dead in a wash room with bite marks on her body, the lesser company Iron Claw is looking into her death.

January 8th
Suspected Tooth Fairy Death
Young Wanda Maline of Versa an elvin girl found dead with several bite marks on her body, her parents have asked Sun Spear Company to look into her death and find her killer.

January 13th
The Tooth Fairy Strikes again
The serial killer known as the tooth fairy has struck again. This time it was 160 year old Tina Tree bare, another elf from the garden district. 3 different organizations are working on this case currently, none had any comment for the press as of yet.
The tooth fairy calling card are bite marks in his victims body. He began his killing spree about 3 months but has gone unnoticed since Annebell’s Kiss struck. Now that the chaos has blown over it seems that he is at work again.
Tina’s parents called in the Son’s of Mercy once again, rather than one of the lower lesser known originations. They have the full confidence that the sons of mercy will be able to track down and find the killer.

January 18th
The Tooth Fairy Strikes again
The Stevron Company announces the death of Lorana the fair a bard who sang at the swinging maid, in the elvin gardens was found dead this morning by several people out doing there morning erans, her body was dumped in an ally way some where in the temple district, Stevron company is offering a 200 gold reward for any information leading to the capture of this homicidle maniac.

January 23rd
Geldings Company Find more Tooth Fairy Victims
The security company claims that 2 more human girls have been found with the same bite marks; currently there is a custody battle going on for there body; by which a known insider has said that the suns of mercy have put in a claim for the body, though they appear to be the only ones who have remained silent to the press.

January 28th
Sun Spear takes over tooth fairy case
Having gained custody of the human girls; and already having custody of several elvin girls, the sun spears brought down the hammer in court today by bringing another dead elvin lady from a house of power; named Curry from house treebeard; one of the oldest living houses from the material plain.

February 2nd
The tooth fairy strikes again
Another elvin lady has issued mass panic among the elvin community; many of the elves are leaving Sigil or hiring bounty hunters to hunt this homicidal maniac.

Sigil Times Cippings

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