January 13

Wearborn takes over for Aquatarian Water Company
First of all the Sigil Times would like to state that it does not release midnight additions, and never published a newspaper. In an uproar because of the false release mass hysteria took over Sigil and the people burned down all of Aquatarians to the ground.
In an effort to keep Sigil with water the son’s of Mercy took over creation of water until Wearborn Association can go into full operation. Gingus said personally that it is time for magic casters to handle these sorts of things, though many disagree with him, none are standing up to him.
Among the dead of the Aquatarian Company are all the top ranking owners and operators of the company. As well as a few lower ranking members.
Dr. Daniel’s of the Son’s of Mercy Kept his promise
Dr. Daniel’s of the son’s of mercy kept his promise to find and distribute a cure for Annibell’s Kiss, it will be distributed threw the new water which wearborn said will be free for the next week.
All ready the effect has been seen as many of the effected people are beginning to show signs of getting better. All of Sigil owes Dr. Daniel and his fellow members a great deal of dept. It’s about time someone kept their promises in this city.

Red Ravin Company Captures Swallow Stigrin
The Red Ravin Company officially confirmed that they apprehended Swallow Stigrin last night. He will be held in Pignar’s Square where he will be shot by a whole arms garrison.
Swallow has been convicted of piracy in the plain of air, and has ambushed many trading galilees as well as palaces and fortresses, the total for his bounty was 25,000 gold.
Squirrel Baxtel, Ghost, Tripod Geebs, Nimble Jack, and Luck from Kingsberry were responsible for his capture.

The Tooth Fairy Strikes again
The serial killer known as the tooth fairy has struck again. This time it was 160 year old Tina Tree bare, another elf from the garden district. 3 different organizations are working on this case currently, none had any comment for the press as of yet.
The tooth fairy calling card are bite marks in his victims body. He began his killing spree about 3 months but has gone unnoticed since Annebell’s Kiss struck. Now that the chaos has blown over it seems that he is at work again.
Tina’s parents called in the Son’s of Mercy once again, rather than one of the lower lesser known originations. They have the full confidence that the sons of mercy will be able to track down and find the killer.
The Rabbinero have been spotted in Sigil again
It has been over 600 years since the last sighting of this rare race.

Brass City – only 120 degrees, with a chance of hard rock, winter is at a full swing.
Cloud Gardens – Mild breezy with a chance of thunderstorms.
Glass City – Currents take it do south south east into Kibare territory.
Valiant Hall – Cloudy, breezy with a high of 67 degrees.
Skra’kt’lor – ice and fire possibly followed by acid rain.
Mad House – less windy then normal today. High of 35 degrees.
Zeletar – rain which may fall up or down depending on which layer your on.
Death Of Innocence – rainy and a high of 35 degrees
Teardrop Palace – Lighted with a high of 175 degrees.
Bronze Citadel – Light with a chance of hail high of 101 degrees.

The arena reopened
The arena has been reopened, today, place your bets today! Most of the combatants have been unharmed, trained hard, and ready to go.

Pursa Alishor has been called as a witness
Prince of Rawlers Maw has come in to testify against Prince Larsass for his treasonous crimes against the royal crown. The two warring nations of Purshia have brought there matter above the high court of Sigil. This is an unexpected turn of advents as Prince Pursa is Rawlers brother.
The battle in court is likely to be lengthy how ever to keep with there word, the public is still invited.

January 13

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