February 8

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again
The tooth fairy struck again this time it was a young elvin princess named Duranda, on February 7th; on 15th in Gerber Gaber Way in the Gold District at 11:00; she was found by her father’s garrison in there persute to find her.
Sun Spear says that they are no longer taking the case; as two of there members have already died at the hand of the tooth fairy to prevent him from getting caught.
They do have this to say; the tooth fairy is an Elvin White named Wallace, who has 2 ghouls he keeps chained as dogs. He has magical capabilities; and is looking the most for Elvin Maids between 98-135 with black hair and purple eyes; though there has been no evidence to back up there claim.
Iron Claw has been wordless about the case since they lost the court battle over the corpses of the young girls murdered. Gelders says they are a company of the hive and what no longer goes on in the hive is no longer there business.
The Sons of Mercy have also been silent; though they do seem to have an investigation still going the members of this investigation have remained hidden.
Sons Of Mercy Morn the Passing of Dr. Maries
The sons of Mercy would like to publically announce the death of there mortician Dr. Maries, he died in his sleep at the ripe age of 72. His ability will be sorely missed. They would like to state that they have a novice taking his place.

Death of Gergus Lompinshire 2nd Death of Melohosiphers Leaders
This is the second death of a leader in the Melohosiphers Company; these leaders currently own a better part of the forgeries in the lower ward. There has been no outside investigation to there deaths; anyone with information may go to the bank with information where leading to the culprits will fetch a handsome reward.
Food Poisening found at a local Derins Grociery Company
Though the company denies any fault of its own; food poisoning has accured in over 300 people who live in the market district. The people of the market district are warning against buying food from the 3537th street grociery store; the largest in the area.

Brass City – only 120 degrees, with a chance of hard rock, winter is at a full swing.
Cloud Gardens – Mild breezy with a chance of thunderstorms.
Glass City – Currents take it do south south east into Kibare territory.
Valiant Hall – Cloudy, breezy with a high of 67 degrees.
Skra’kt’lor – ice and fire possibly followed by acid rain.
Mad House – less windy then normal today. High of 35 degrees.
Zeletar – rain which may fall up or down depending on which layer your on.
Death Of Innocence – rainy and a high of 35 degrees
Teardrop Palace – Lighted with a high of 175 degrees.
Bronze Citadel – Light with a chance of hail high of 101 degrees.

Wanted Adds
A butler to work for Magister Darkmont Gray; who resides in 1414 Frogs hop way; please report to Kalvin at the Blue Tears company for interview.
Skilled Chef needed at the Dorwood restaurant in the Elvin Gardens, please see the manager for interview.
The Inquires grandson Pierce McGregor would like to reopen the famed newpaper out bought by archivers, and is seeking donations to open the press wheel up again, you can find him at the salty fish in the hive.
Silver Haired Man wanted Silver tounged woman – Hi my name is Dersh of the Defly Clan and I’m looking for a sweet tifeling girl preferabley one that can sing well, I have ample coin and stability. If you are interested I will be awaiting callers at the Red Lion in the Ladies Ward. Birth class makes no matter.

Prince Larsass’s Trail Stalled due to Lack of evidence and jury murders
Prince Larsas sits in the prison sells currently whilest lawers from both sides struggle to find evidence for either claim. As you may or may not know Prince Larsas sits accused of treason, by breaking treaty with the White Stripes by killing his bride to be the night before their wedding. The problem is that both sides claim that the Prince was and was not there at the time of the murder.
Both sides witnesses have confessed all there knowledge before a circle of truth, Prince Larsass retains his claim that he was framed, and its looking that way more and more. The two stories have twisted and turned so much that 3 sterographers have been called in.
In addition to that 3 of the jury members have been murdered between trail days in there own rooms. Even under server restrictions and guard placements. Out of the original 13 jurers only 10 remain. Talk of adding additional jurers to the jury has been had, but it goes against the Rakshasa law.
Lawyers on both sides are trying to remedy that as no trial can go on even numbers. Forgoing a stellmate.

Arena Winners For the Week
Top 10 Countdown
1. Lions Paw
2. Ferglings Ferrot
3. The Blue Team
4. The Black Death
5. The Silver Tooth
6. The Smashers
7. The Pastel Panseys
8. The hobgoblins Revenge
9. Eeeeppp
10. The Squirles of Mad House
The Upcoming Note worthy Arena Fights
Monday – Mad house Rockers vs the Rockshasa Mordicnaaarr
Tuesday – The kracken vs eeepppp
Wednesday – the kettle pot helms vs the cunning Lara Side Buckle
Thursday – Victory vs Defeat
Also don’t miss Kabold Fighting Thursday Nights
Friday – I don’t know put me down as anything vs the Hawk Lords
Saturday – The Black Death Vs Silver Tooth

Black Walkers Be Warry
Gelders Security Company has issued a public announcement for the Hive: Shadows are attacking people, not the kind you cast but the undead type; burn your dead right away and carry a tourch; they hate the light.

February 8

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