Dr Maries Side Notes

Entry 1. After reading threw the other cases evidence and observing there bodies, for no matter how brief the time period, I have decided that I know much about this Wallace. Much more then he would care for me to know. I have uncovered that he was an elf that lived in the Elvin Gardens some 2,000 years ago, but has spent most of his life a white, more then 80 years ago, from loyal service and few disgraceful ways he acquired the incomes to become alive again threw getting resurrected.
No doubt that loyal service was to one of Sigil’s many litches; probably had him turned back into a white; decreasing his over all power once again. It is my believe that our old friend Wallace, is in fact a wizard probably having learned some of the trade from the litch he used or currently serves(d). It is my believe that he felt as though his undeath was a calling from Morning Glory; a deity that believes in true love that lasts an eternity threw undeath. By some misfortune brought about his once dearest true love has more the certainly parted this world. So now he is looking for a young Elvin girl with the same look of him and probably the same or similar name starting with W to take her place. This would make excellent bait.

Entry 2. I agree with Kippy that this has something to do with clock tower and so I went to go take a look at it and found some curiously odd things about it. I found that each of the numbers on the clock turned a certain color when they hit the hour; I asked the Forman if this was supposed to be part of the design and he said no it was not, but felt it not best to question beauty. Although he did state that the number 2 had turned from blue to orange; which he thought was odd, also midnight is the only time the number 12 turns black, so I think its safe to say we at least know when the shadows enter sigil.

Entry 3. The Lords of Pale were less inclined to tell me where the temple of morning glory is in Sigil, fortunately there lesserlings where much more talkative after a bit of spelling; I have learned the where about of the this famed temple.

Entry 4. I’ve gone to the temple of morning glory and the priestess actually attacked me for interfering with love. How ever I did in fact go back during the day to gather a list of information and leave a rose for the priestess, to show her my affection. This will of course mark me for death in only a matter of days so it’s up to my successor to solve this mystery as I feel my days are short.

Entry 5. Tonight is the night I am going to die, I know it, but from the curious set of information I’ve gathered from the Temple of Morning Glory I have decided two things, Wallace has a house still in the Elvin gardens but never uses it, instead he prefers to stay in hotels around the city close to where he is going to strike next. I also have determined that 11 is the hour of eternal love, which I find interesting. The oafs Kippy hired brought a child’s book, more of a prophecies book, they’ve no idea what they’ve stumbled on, I believe based on the current events and what is written on this book, first one dramatic event must happen in sigil and then a door ……………………………………(blood smear)

Dr Maries Side Notes

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