The Derins Grociery Company – Which has the sole monopoly on food goods and services; you can still find smaller shops and carts some places but they’re prices are too high to stay in business for any length of time. The Derins Grociery Company stores are sprawn about the entire city of Sigil; from small neighbor hood shops catering to the needs of githyanti and devils to large sprawling buildings catering to the restruant districts need for mass supply.

The Wearborn Water Company – Finding all the gates to the plain of water this mages society holds all the water supply which used to belong to the city in wells. Now long passed dried you can now purchase all your water needs to the Aquaratan shops and stalls.

Archivers – The largest supplier of books, paper, ink and quills.

Melohosiphers – The largest supply of metal, its claimed that they now hold all the banks and treasuries as well as the smiths and armores.

The Pottery Barn – the largest supply of bowls, cups, and plates, they also create the largest supply of clothing which at there prices has sent almost all but the highest of high tailors out of business. They are also the largest distributer of ceramic armor.

Sun Spear Company – the second leading invesigation company in Sigil

Iron Claw – another investigation and peace keeping company

Gelders Security Company – A company stationed in the hive charged with keep the peace as best they can by an annonymous donor.


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