The Sons of Mercy- who used to be a bunch of devout justice seekers for Hyronius but as the past 100 years has turned into a band of renegades who fight for justice what ever the cost, but of all the law enforcement in Sigil they present the most justice, which is why you are wondering why they’ve summoned you for a murder you clearly didn’t commit.

The Golden Sun – The church of Paylor determinded to take over the world with there religion, has turned into a fowel group of money hungry holy men, with an appatied for luxery that can only be sattered by the devotion of the week willed mass. The overhall of restrictions and terrony that has been issued from the church since the beginning of the steam tech erra would frighten even the most educated of men.

The Red Ravin Company – A group of bounties hunters who always get there mark no matter where that mark may be or how well fortified there strong holds may stand. The groups easy intrense with a high turn over rate and even higher free flyer rate. (Free flying is the term used for burying the dead by throwing there ashes over the side of Sigil.)

The Crematorium – A factory once run in pale has grown times in size as the dead grow ever constantly more choosing to stay dead. This is where all the dead in Sigil are taken to be burned rather then buried.

The Inventors Assossiation – its said that these group of people supply the multiverse with all its steam tech needs; though its also said that any one found creating there own unique steam tech is usually kidnapped and never seen again. No one is aloud in or out of those buildings, you know for sercurity reasons.


The Treasure Hunting Campain mouse_mystictherge