The Treasure Hunting Campain

Thus Far

So here is what’s happened so far in the campain. You’ve been both accused of murder and hired by the same person, Kippy the 2nd in command at the sons of mercy; who has asked you to research shadows coming into Sigil every day when the clock tower you helped build strikes noon every day. This has taken you to meeting 2 very different wizards, one Gingus Wearborn who stole half of the burned down AKU’s library some 60 years ago; and one Grill who seems to have lived 200 years in 60. Gingus has promised to help locate the books in his library which would be most benifishial to you; while Grill has offered to take you to the cave of wonders, a place he claimes is where one of the Deep Crystal Cube is located. Upon your return things in both Sigil and the rest of the multiverse has turned more chaotic; Kippy needing to use the resorces she has has split you up into three groups. While spending time in Dark Wood you ran into some of Mad Mage Morgan’s followers who call them selves the Madder’s Circus, and while they seem to be completely insain and speak mostly in riddles do actually know what they are talking about. As to Grill you currently say either way. On the way to talk to Kippy Makoa went to see a Geomancer Jewler named Stallen Garnet who after a small amount of testing was able to determine that it was adamantine in the blood sample taken from Veronica a woman from the lower ward. Group One: Makoa and Daniel – Are currently looking for the adamantine contamination in a water supply. Group Two: Nora and Elrath – are doing research into finding the legend of Brightstars true history and origion. Group Three: Ozkull and (Nick or Luda) – Are chasing a serial killer who calls himself the black claw.



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