The Treasure Hunting Campain

Annebell's Kiss


So what happened last night? You found out that there is a river that the lower ward uses to dumpchemicals and run there factories. That there is a group of people who makes all most water.
the Aquatarians do water control tests; that they dump there bad water off to outsiders and that this bad water probably killed and Efferts Lord’s concort. You know though that when you checked the cities water supply it was clean.
Annebell’s Kiss went air born, because of the burning, and that a man sent corpses to collect the ash; or caime to collect it himself.
A dwarf named Skackle Claid donated tons of water to the poor in the hive, that was tainted with the bad water. You know he bought this water because he was in danger of loosing his job.
The company Melohosiphers disbanded the old adamantine forgers and many left because they made them start using water instead of sand, the water decomposes the adamantine while its being forged making the blades crapy. A dark elf who likely belongs to a group of these disbandets sold the bad water to Skackle in his desperation; and that the group vowed to take vengence on Melohosiphers.
The city in full paic because of a false claim rioted and burned down the Aquatarian Water Company; the main 3 leaders of the company were killed and there heads where stolen. In the choas Nora and Makoa found a cure for Annebell’s kiss and sold the water company rights and the cure to the Wearborn society. Mean while Kippy and Ozkull went to see the Wizard and found where Dirk is hiding.
Am I missing anything? Feel free to post your own observations of the night.



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